Welcome to Moe Champs! Clothing and items for lovers of the bubbly! (And yes, Moe Champs is a real doggie!)

ABOUT US...the Story of Moe Champs


My love of ALL things 'champs' started many moons ago, I mean who doesn't LOVE it when that bubbly sensation touches your lips!  I'm not impressed with a price tag, my favorite champs is $12.00 a bottle...although I wont pass up a good Dom if offered, ha! My love of the bubbly was kicked up a notch several years ago when I met one of my BFF's  who shared my LOVE of the sweet nectar of the Gods.Our friendship, and ability to find any reason to pop a cork, ensued. We call her 'Hot Fresh' because she's fab! My champs soul mate had been located! #BFF4ever #cheesyiknow #moechamps


​     So where does Moe Champs come in? Well, Hot Fresh, was/is a HUGE pet lover and rescues/fosters dogs, cats, chickens, hamsters, anything with 2-4 legs. Her maiden name is McDonald (not kidding) and they literally have a farm at their property. I have lost count as to how many animals (plus 3 kids and a hubby--so 4 kids-LOL) 

      ANYWAY...Somehow, I ended up making a trip with our other fab friend to look at a puppy for her family (pretty sure Hot Fresh set it up) and the second puppy that the 'puppy lady' brought...I fell in LOVE with! (see the pic of me with Moe in the parking lot). Well, the hubby wasn't in the market for a second Shih Tzu. (our current doggie was old and Bless his Heart, probably not going to be with us much longer.) But, the pups cuteness won us over and after a few days of 'what can we name him?'....I was sitting on the sofa, drinking some Champs, like I do on the regular...and lil pup starts licking my glass. Yes, I know it was the condensation...but, at the time it was such a cute puppy love thing. "Honey, look he loves Champs like his mommy!' (in that annoying #dogmom voice I made fun of people for using-I even snapped a pic) "Champs has to be his name!" The hubby gave me a strange look...and after a few days of first name debates...Moe Champs was agreed on. Moe Champs it is.

       Confucius said, if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Early 2017, I choose not to continue with the rat race of what I had been doing for the past 20 years. I truly wasn't happy and it was draining my soul. I am choosing to bring joy to people, my family, friends, through charity work, to ME, AND to YOU, my customers, through these fun, silly champagne quotes shirts who share my love of the bubbly or who want to pass on the joy!

OH! And a portion of the proceeds of sales go to help rescue dogs, women & children!!!!!!! #bethechange #moechampsISLOVE

 Life is short, drink the Champs, wear the silly shirt (put a blazer on top if you have to) but damn girls, have fun!



Send us a note if you have any questions about any items, or Champagne! :-)