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My Favorite Cocktails with Champs!

These are all Original KP/Moe Champs specials, taste tested and LOVED!

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We call this the EPIC and it's EPIC! It's a spin off from the .007 from the Hotel Monteleone's Carousel Bar. One of our FAVORITE places to sit and people watch when we visit NOLA. 

1 part Champs (I prefer Freixenet brut or extra dry. Its a good every day Champs and good for mixing)

1 part Vodka (I prefer Titos-its Gluten free, LOL)

1/2 part Cranberry juice 

Splash of Sprite


Sneaky Champs  because all of a sudden is sneaks up on you and you are a wee bit tipsy! (perfect for Holiday party's!--call an Uber!)

1 part Champs

1/2 part Vodka

1/4 part Pomegranate

Splash of Sprite or Club soda 


Nectar of the Gods 

1 part Champs

1/4 strawberry flavored vodka

1/4 Sprite, club soda or Mineral water...MORE BUBBLES!


WOW...i just realized I have a LOT of CHAMPS & VODKA...lets tone it down a bit, HA.


Nectar of the Gods, G Rated.

1 part Champs

1-2 oz fresh strawberry puree (add to taste. Add last & stir or your glass will really overflow!)


 Strawberry Mimosa Fizz

1 part Champs

2 oz fresh strawberry puree

2 oz Sprite or Club Soda

Garnish with a Strawberry Slice



Have a great cocktail suggestion? Email me! I would love to try it and may even add it to the page. Thanks!