Welcome to Moe Champs! Clothing and items for lovers of the bubbly! (And yes, Moe Champs is a real doggie!)

My Peeps

Wondering where I get some of the add-ons in the photos? What we like or where we go to shop for our items? Or a little more about Moe Champs the company? Take a look...:-)

WELL....wonder no more!!!! Here are some of our favorites! My Peeps!

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Moe Champs Day 1! Xmas Card 2015

Testing out the kiddos Xmas presents & multi-tasking pic from my birthday

Mardi Gras Parade 2015

New Orleans trip

When you need to Chill the Champs...get a pot!    

Nectar of the Gods-Drink! with my Sissy!   Mardi Gras 2016  With the Hubs! Mardi Gas 2016

My Kristie! Gratiae Ball 2016- Kelli G and me!Love these girls! my Baby bro! CWO Wilson

King Gratiae XIX, the hubby! :-) LOVE these Junior League Ladies!